Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Had a great time my last few days in Mancora. Chilled on the beach, got a little tipsy, chilled with the gang.
Left on a 2030bus to Lima with David, Jessica, and Sara. The bus was fine, no robberies, but really shitty food, and a nonstop crying baby which I swear I would have strangled if the mother had left it unatended. It sounded like a rat drowning in cough syrup, it was fricking horrible. 18 hours later got to Lima.

Lima is a dirty, dangerous city, surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of dirty, dangerous desert. The touristy area, Miraflores, has a beautiful park filled with flowers, surrounded very closely by obnoxious and overpriced tourist restaurants, surrounded by dirty, dangerous city. This place fricking sucks. We spent one day, because we were too late to get a direct bus. Hit the 1500bus afterwards to Cusco.

This bus was way better. More comfy, one baby, but way more chill. Still horrible food, and a filthy bathroom, and a slight sewage smell for a couple hours, but wide seats. 100 soles for 20 hours, about 35 US. (2.80 soles to the dollar) After getting through the vengeful and depressing Lima desert we entered beautiful highlands in the sacred valley surrounding Cusco, filled with trees and lush growth. Really pretty. Much nicer then Lima. Spending the night in a hotel called Yanapay, which gives its proceeds to local orphans, and then off to Machu Piccu tomorrow!

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