Sunday, October 24, 2010


Montepiche was fun, relaxing, but since it was kind of dreary and its basically a town with nothing but a beach, it was time to head out after a day and a half. We caught then ten oclock bus out of the town, up to a tiny village called tres vias, and then waited a half hour there for a bus to Chamanga. In Chamanga we waited for a bus to Pedernales (pronounced pearnahles) and then in Pedernales caught a bus to Canoa. This took a while. We got to Canoa hungry and exhausted. The first hostel we stopped at, the one which looked like it had a great vibe, told us they had room and then didn't. It's the only full hostel in the town. So we stayed down the street a block at another very pretty hotel.
Last night we ran into a Belgian couple we had seen in at the hostel in Montepiche. We stopped to have some drinks with them after a dinner of Cerviche and shrimp soup (delicious). We ended out going dancing afterwards, which was amazing, barefoot slightly drunken dancing to spanish music in a little club with a view of the ocean or under a thatched roof directly on the beach. I had a great Pina Colada early on.
This morning we had breakfast at the hostel we had wanted initially, and it was delicious. Crepes with cream sauce wrapped around fresh strawberries papaya and melon, and some kind of mixed skillet with potatoes and bacon and cheese and eggs all kinds of delicious stuff. We decided to try again, and they had rooms so we went over there. Now we are chilling until we feel like leaving. Going to go surfing with my neighbor in a few minutes.
This is not the beach at all!

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