Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roof Building

Went to the Finca the day before yesterday. There is a large house built on stilts next to the other cabins at the Finca, and it seems to serve no purpose. This is probably because it has a thatched roof and it is unsafe to sleep under thatched roofs because of parasites. As a result, our project was to remove about two thousand pounds of thatch, burn it, and build a new roof, and then cover it with corrugated metal.
First we removed the thatch. Alonso knocked it down it a hammer and various pieces of bamboo and wood, and Adrian (the four year old) and I gathered it all up and dragged it into a pile a few feet away . A whole bunch of huge spiders came out of the thatch while we were dragging it around, including a 3 inch deadly banana spider, which Adrian promply smashed with his boot.
This was day 1. We burned the Thatch, it was the hottest fire I've ever encountered, you couldn't stand by it ten feet away it was so hot. Hopefully we killed about a half billion spiders.
Then we dug a new pond for the Fish farm (Tilapia). This was some work.
The next day we started to build a new roof. Ripped all the old boards down, built a scaffolding of a single piece of bamboo all around, and made a lot of boards from felled trees. We then built a roof. This was tough, but fun. And it was raining the whole time, and very slippery. No one got hurt.
I drove back on my motorcycle through the rain, this was awesome except my glasses were very wet and foggy. Just wen't slowly.
Me with a cock at the Cockfight

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