Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hummingbird in Mindo

Hummingbird in Mindo

Hummingbird in the Emerald City
Pretty Flower

The Village of Las Tolas from a nearby mountain

Trucha a la Plancha, roasted pink trout, caught 20 minutes before by me. Amazing.
This pig looks very happy for being dead

Cloudy...sometimes I think it's hanging down on's hitchhike a hundred miles...I'm a ragamuffin child

Digging a bajillion holes for reforestation with Igor the Ukranian

Orchidia in Mindo

Pitcher plants eat bugs!

This butterfly has been through the wars

This butterfly has not

This butterfly has transparent wings

These butterflies do not

The whole Fam: Left top Jadyra, Maria, Fernando, Tania, Elvirea, Mecias, Pira, bottom Alonso, Brian holding Pequeno Ivan

My unbelievable lunch in Atacames. Theres a 8 inch fried fish, kalamari, and crabs hiding under there too

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