Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Morning in Las Tolas

Las Tolas, Day 1
Ok, lets talk awesome. Woke up today at 5:55 to what I thought was the sound of children screaming in Jubilation. It turned out to be about a thousand roosters crowing at dawn. Pretty awesome. It was cold in the morning, but its not even 8 now and the temperature if perfect (hace fresco). What was the first thing I did? Even before breakfast? Learned to ride a motorcycle, on a dirt road, in the cloud forest. I don't think I can convey how awesome this was. Mecias, the father, took me in front, started the bike, said some stuff in Spanish which I didn't get, and then told me to drive. This didn't work. So he took off, with me on the back, and we drove up this very rocky mountain road (the only kind they have here) into the cloud forest. You can see the clouds burning off the mountain peaks and settling into the lowlands in the morning (Speaking of which, I am actually in a cloud right now, you can't see ten meters off the mountainside, it's all white). Then we stopped, and he showed me, with a great amount of gesture, and a lot of Spanish I didn't follow, how you start and ride a manual motorcycle. It took me a couple of tries, but I learned. He then let me drive off, alone, along dirt roads into the cloud forest. This is the most beautiful place Ive ever seen. Trees overhang mountaintops shrouded in trees. Everywhere you look are views from postcards. Motorcycles pass every few minutes.
After learning to ride a motorcycle, we went back to the house and had breakfast. Homemade fried cheese empanadas and boiled eggs. The eggs here are a little strange, that might be because they spend their time sitting on top of the fridge, but I'm not too worried about it. Today I am supposed to fill out some kind of paper with a woman at noon for the organization, and tomorrow I am going to the finca, some kind of farm/home base where the organization is run. Until then, I am relaxing I guess, studying up on my Spanish. Thank god my mother made me bring a dictionary. Good call mom. I have internet kind of right now, so i am going to try to post this and last nights before I lose it.

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