Monday, September 20, 2010

In Quito today, gonna catch the bus to LT this afternoon, after a weekend in the Highlands. Got in on thursday morning and spent a lazy day uploading pictures and hanging out. Then at night I went out with Sisimac to a rediculous club for a friend of her's graduation party. Oh, important note, before that I had a Poliburger, a famous burger joint next to Sisi's university. This consists of a burger of ambiguous meat, three pieces of bread, french fries, deep fried suasage, lettuce, cheese, a fried egg, slices of hotdog, hotsauce and mayo all served in a greasy pile in a plastic bag. Unbelieveably awesome. Everyone was sure I would get sick, I felt great all day (alcohol kills the parasites). Also tried Mora Canelaso, the cinnamon/carrot soup with sugarcane grain alcohol I was describing earlier, delicious, but the classic is better. The Disco was alot of fun. Danced nonstop with all kinds of ladies, drank about 25 rum and cokes (Abuelo rum, "Grandfather rum" good stuff) and had a good time. The club was filled with lazers and dancing lights, and our party had a private room up top, so we split our time dancing up top and going down to the main floor. Got home at 3:30am.
Up to go to Riobamba (the province) and Chacha (the town) at 8 am. Threw my stuff into a bag and hopped in the car with Luis Felipe, his wife, and a couple who are friends of theres. Drove about four hours to get there, stopping once or twice for pictures. Five people in the car, and I was in the back of course, my knees were killing me (nothing compared to the way back where I sat in the middle, because both of the ladies weren't feeling well). The house in Chacha was unbelievably georgous. It's filled with pictures of Luis Felipe Duchicela's family and their history, as he is the highest in the line of surviving Inca Kings. (Direct descendant of Atahualpa).

Had a delicious lunch of pork chops, rice, potato soup, and a cold salad of brocoli and carrots, as well as Lulo juice, which here in ecuador is called Naranjia, and is orange, instead of the white or green I was used to in Colombia. Took an epic nap in a hammock, and then had dinner. Afterwards sat by the fireplace and sipped on some Zacapa rum, which is without question the best rum in the world.

Baby Hawk on one of Sisi's tree (I'm proud of this picture)
The Next day we were off to see the mountain where Sisimac is doing her thesis on a special kind of tree which grows above altitudes of 4000m, it is the only tree in the world which does so. The house in Chacha was at 3220m, about 10500 feet, after driving for about an hour we got to Sisi's area, and took a dirt road to a path to go see her, which was at 4250m, more then 15000feet. Hiked fifteen minutes with Luis to were her trees were through freezing cold and the most powerful wind I have ever encountered. Everyone else waited in the car. We got to Sisi and said hello, took some pictures of a baby hawk that happened to be right by us (Sisi said she had never seen one close before, so this was a treat), and then headed back because we were totally numb.
Me and Sisi at 4250m

Me in Front of Chimborazo
Wild Vicuna (Bicunya)
Mmmmmm Cuyes (and some rabits and chickens)
On the way back we took pictures of wild Vicunas, as well as many pictures of Chimborazo, which is the point on earth furthest from the center (higher then everest). On the way back home we stopped in Ambato, a small city, and I had my first Cuye!!! (Guinea Pig). It was delicious. Like half pig half chicken, with super crunchy skin, served on a bed of potatoes. Yummy.
Drove back home, I sat in the middle because the ladies were ill and my knees were literally destroyed. I had to drag them out of the car with my hands when we got there. Walked for a minute or two and it was fine. Ivan in Ecuador signing out.


  1. That hawk photo is simply amazing! The others are beautiful too.

  2. Whoa, I never knew baby hawks have whiskers like that on their beaks. Looks almost mammalian somehow. Congrats on dining with a king :)