Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What gifts are appropriate?

One of my last remaining projects before I go is figuring out what gifts are appropriate to bring my host family. I want to bring something really nice and that I put personal care into, but not too flashy or rich as money isn't exactly flowing around Las Tolas. My family has 3 kids, 10 year old boy, 12 year old girl, and 16 year old girl. I ended up getting a watch for the boy, nothing crazy but a solid Casio that's waterproof and has plenty of funky gadget. For the father I plan to get a bottle of nice whiskey at the duty free, as thats an easy way to go and a nice gift. For the sisters and mother, after deliberating over pendants (I didn't want to do earrings because I don't know if they have pierced ears) I ended up going with pearls. Flashy? Yes, but I strung them in a way that wasn't obnoxious. And the fact that I made the necklaces myself makes them more personal. I got pink pearls for the little girl, purple for the older, and a big strand of wild white pearls for the mom. I hope they like them, and that it isn't too much, but I imagine this will be a nice thing that this family will have for many years. I want them to be able to remember me fondly many years down the line when they have a chance to wear their pearls on some occasion.

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  1. Hi Ivan! Have a great time and lots of wonderful experiences. I'll be following your blogs! Much love, Uncle Dan