Friday, September 17, 2010

Poem: Alone in a Spanish Speaking Country

I'm trying to build a casa with engine partes
Trabajando with wrenches and sparkplugs
Making gutters con exhaust pipes
Tratando to fit central heating into an engine block
"What the diablo are you doing?"
"No idea." I hablo.
Estan a house I can sleep y eat en
Perro it's cold, metal, and the wind whips through
as nada fits together right
Los pieces yearn to move
to burn gasolina and cover kilometers
to move la gente and help todos
instead ellos sit awkwardly tied together
as the people are mirando
but each day a persona bring a piece of lenia
or a nail or ladrillos
to rellanar la holes
to cerrar el wind
and todos dias es un poco mas warm
es un poco mas hogoreƱo
and una dia el casa will be completo
y llenado de amor y familia
una casa nosotros contruimos juntos.

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